Tender Details

Flexible Tactical Uncrewed Air System (FTUAS) – Navy UCR

The requirement is for the provision of a number of Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) and ancillaries under a Military Owned Military Operated (MOMO) arrangement to be delivered to the Royal Navy (RN) and Integrated onto a Naval Warship, to provide the RN with a Flexible Tactical Uncrewed Air System (FTUAS) Urgent Capability Requirement (UCR) for RN forward presence shipping to counter Crewed and Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) in an operational theatre. The requirement will also require the Contractor to provide a FTUAS system at a UK Royal Navy Air Station, technical information, through life support, as well as the provision of training for operators and maintainers.
The requirement is for a capability to FIND, FIX, TRACK and ASSESS Fast Inshore Attack Craft, Crewed and Uncrewed, operating alone, in large numbers. It is anticipated that the solution will permanently embark on a Naval Warship to provide a persistent, intimate, integrated and assured capability. The ability to operate at sufficient range from its parent ship to facilitate timely decision making is anticipated as is the need for a Maritime Surface Surveillance Radar to satisfactorily deliver “FIND”.
It is anticipated that the equipment will be in service for a period of 24 months from the date of the delivery of the initial operating capability (IOC), with options including a Contract extension up to an additional 24 months, subject to Ministry of Defence approval.

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