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1055 – Unpaid Carers Virtual/Digital Service Offer

Essex County Council currently commission a range of services to support unpaid carers,
such as specialist information advice and support. Alongside this, Essex County Council are
proposing to procure services of a virtual / Digital offer, which compliments by targeting and
promoting the local and national support for carers, through technology and online methods
of communication. The virtual offer provides this through engaging digital content and tools
which are easily accessible to carers regardless of location, person circumstances and time
restraints, and to build resilience in carers through the following methods:
– Harnessing the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of carers to support each other in their
caring role;
– Strategic use of technology to identify and support carers at scale;
– Facilitating carer-to-carer self-support;
– Designing online services to ensure a high-quality experience.
The aims and objectives of the services are as follows:
– To support carers to sustain their caring role where they are happy and able to do so;
– To support carers to maintain their own quality of life by focusing on their health and
wellbeing outside of their caring responsibilities;
– To support carers to plan;
– To work with statutory and voluntary agencies to recognise and respect carers as expert
– To promote networks of support for carers;
– To support carers to navigate the health and social care system, and select the best
solutions for them;
– To take an enabling and goal-focused approach building on what carers can do for themselves;
– To support Essex County Council to deliver its requirements of the Care Act 2014 by
preventing, reducing, and delaying needs.

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