Tender Details

Brent Integrated Frailty and Complex Care (BIFCC) Service

The ICB would like to issue a short-term direct award for period of 12 months. This will allow time for review and understanding of where the service sits as part of the wider commissioning strategy and approach to ensuring common and equitable services in each of the ICB boroughs.
The Frailty service has three Providers that make up the service which are: K&W Healthcare Ltd, Harness Care Ltd (Harness North Primary Care Network and Harness South Primary Care Network) and Kilburn Primary Care Co-operative Ltd. This notice is for the Kilburn Primary Care Co-operative Ltd
The award is being made to the existing provider of the service, as per Provider Selection Regime, Direct Award Process C.
For a period of 6 months at a value of £473,671.02
The existing provider is satisfying the original contract and will likely satisfy the proposed contract to a sufficient standard and has been assessed against the five key criteria as such such.
• The aim of the Brent Integrated Frailty and Complex Care (BIFCC) Service is to risk stratify and identify patients with frailty and complex needs and provide them with:
• Proactive Identification
• Holistic Assessment
• Multiagency planning & coordination where a core team of multi-disciplinary professionals provide targeted appropriate…

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