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Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Childcare in the Non-Maintained Sector

The Council is establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System for the provision of Childcare in line with the Light Touch Regime and Public Contract Regulations 2015. The Council is looking to engage with suitably experienced and qualified childcare providers to provide
Lot 1 – Early Years
Lot 2 – Flying Start
Lot 3 – Assisted Places and Supported Places
Suitably qualified childcare providers are able to tender for one or more lots.
This DPS shall replace an existing arrangement for the provision of Childcare PS1609/17/HS, which is due to expire on the 31 March 2023. Service Providers currently awarded to the existing arrangement (PS1609) must apply to join the new DPS arrangement. The existing arrangement shall be terminated when all service providers have joined the new DPS arrangement, which must happen prior to the 31 March 2023 when the existing arrangement shall naturally come to an end. The Council reserves the right to terminate the existing arrangement end date at its own discretion. Service providers who have not successfully joined this DPS arrangement by such a time will not be utilised by the Council until they have successfully joined the DPS for the provision of childcare (DPS1003584).
For the purpose of this arrangement, the…

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