Tender Details

Materials, marketing and sales service for the recyclable materials f South Hams District Council

Plan B wishes to enter into partnership with South Hams District Council (SHDC) to provide a comprehensive materials marketing and sales service for the recyclable materials from their municipal operations and made available for collection at their Ermington Road Depot, with the aims to:
• Become an integral part of the services team to ensure operational colleagues are well placed to supply good quality recyclables to market;
• Deliver SHDC additional income above comparative Lets Recycle valuations, net of the cost of a comprehensive and value adding service;
• Provide SHDC with significant resource savings (or opportunity to reallocate resources) on procurement/sales, administration and finance activities all related to the material marketing and sales processes;
• Protect SHDC through robust due diligence processes to manage and mitigate credit risk and deliver compliance (this includes permit/licence checks, Environment Agency Freedom of Information Requests to check compliance with permit/licence, HSE enforcement checks, regular credit checks using Dun & Bradstreet etc);
• Provide built in contingencies to the trading of material to manage market or reprocessor failure or risk with the breadth of markets, reprocessor and buyers within their network;
• Supply comprehensive and detailed reports on tonnage, end destinations, sales performance and market intelligence to aid budgeting…

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