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Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service: Competency Management Framework System Replacement

OFRS currently records all training and competence carried out within the service using an online 3rd Party web-based application. This application records the outcomes and training history of all of OFRS’ operational courses, skills, competencies and development programmes that it requires of its’ staff to remain operationally compliant within OFRS’ training framework.
To remain operationally competent in safety critical skills, all operational staff (Firefighters and Managers) staff need a simple and robust recording system. This system must be able to allow users to access, record and perform the following functions:
• Complete mandatory online (eLearning) training courses (potentially via an LMS)
• Host a centrally administered F2F or virtual training courses planner/calendar
• Record and monitor operational competencies and skills via a CMS
• Provide a module for Development Programmes/Portfolios for career development which should link to national standards including the potential for recording apprenticeship portfolios.
• Have functionality to Monitor and record assessments of incident commanders
• Provide Simple and clear dashboards and reports to present the status of compliance across the service to individuals and managers
• Be able to record CPD training and hours undertaken
• Web-based, 24/7 accessibility, secure and responsive to modern mobile devices so that it can be updated at any time
• Have the ability to integrate with other online systems…

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