Tender Details

Property Clean & Restoration Services

This notice is seeking expressions of interest for provision of Property Clean and Restoration services, especially after a flooding incident, covering both Clean and Waster water.
Any estimated quantities or values contained or referred to in this or other documentation are for guidance only and do not bind YWS to buy any specific quantities should the bidder
be successful and enter into an Agreement.
Procurement Process:
To express an interest in participating in the tender, please contact Qasim Ashraf (qasim.ashraf@yorkshirewater.co.uk) through email by 17:00 (GMT) on 12th October 2022.
Once a bidder expresses an interest, the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) Pack will be shared with them. This will include the SQ document that must be completed by all bidders and
submitted on Ariba by 19th October 2022. All clarifications should also be submitted on Ariba.
YWS will periodically consolidate clarifications that would be relevant to everyone and share the response to these with all bidders anonymously.
Following an assessment of responses received for the SQ, successful suppliers will be invited to participate in the ITT. This is planned for October but is subject to change based on
YWS discretion.

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