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Provision for a Supported Lodgings Service for Care Leavers and Young People at the Risk of Homelessness Aged 16-21

Wigan Council are looking for a Supported Lodgings Ofsted Registered provider, or a provider who can clearly evidence that they are in the process of registering with Ofsted. The provider will be expected to recruit, vet, train, support and retain 10 households, matching the young people carefully to the hosting arrangement and profile of both young person and household.
1.1 All young people are likely to need support during their transition to adulthood. It is our priority to make sure young people benefit from a safe and stable experience during this transition. We aim to continue to improve the current offer for young people transitioning and to provide appropriate support as they move into adulthood. As part of our offer to young people we are looking for a supported lodgings service to ensure we are expanding the options for care leavers, young people presenting as homeless and separated young people (unaccompanied asylum-seeking children).
1.2. Supported Lodgings are defined as:
“Domestic or private lodgings where there is both an adult (usually called a host or carer) living on site and a requirement, and/or expectation and/or agreement that some level of support is provided.” (Regulation 2(1), para (d))
of the 2023 Supported Accommodation Regulations and Guidance states that Supported Lodgings is:
– Provided by private individuals who offer a room in their family home.
– Provision is typically co-ordinated by a supported lodgings scheme (the registered provider), which recruits and supports a network of supported lodgings ‘hosts’.

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