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Ribosome profiling of suspension-adapted HEK293 cells producing adeno-associated viruses

Services for the ribosome profiling of suspension-adapted human cells producing an adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector.Human cells will be subjected to AAV production in parallel with controls. A range of samples (between 21 and 35) will be generated in this experiment, designated as “Run 1”. The samples will then be processed by the awarded Bidder. In addition to “Run 1”, two additional runs (“Run 2” and “Run 3”) may be performed at our sole discretion. Importantly, the experimental setup for both “Run 2” and “Run 3” will be similar to that for “Run 1”, but sample numbers may differ if additional conditions are included or excluded. A maximum of 35 samples will be obtained for either “Run 2” and “Run 3”.

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