Tender Details

Smart Metering Solution Installation Partner(s)

Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) is currently reviewing the provision of Smart Metering Installation Partner(s), as part of the Smart Transformation Programme. We aim to partner with a number of installation partners to assist with smart meter and smart communication device installation rollout across our Northumbrian, Essex and Suffolk operating areas.
The precise works, services, and capabilities to partner on delivery have not yet been fully defined. This PIN is issued to manage a pre-market engagement exercise. NWG seeks to obtain feedback from the marketplace in relation to what is currently available within this market space before issuing a tender.
NWG is looking to understand capabilities of installation providers in the market who are suitably positioned to provide us with services to support our challenging long term installation targets.
The main area of focus are-
Smart Meter & Smart Communications Device Installations
• Both household and non-household installations
• Replacement of existing external meters with smart meters and communication devices within existing boundary boxes • Replacement of internal meters within the customers property
• New Smart meter and communication device installations (via street excavation to install new boundary boxes)
Additional areas of interest as part of this market engagement exercise are;
Deployment Planning –
• Resource planning and management
• Install…

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