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Support At Home Service

The provision of a person and community centred Support at Home Service that enables Service Users to remain in their own home, living as independently as possible, achieving and maintaining their potential in relation to their physical, intellectual, emotional and social capacity. The Service is key part of the Council’s wider Living Well at Home programme.
People achieve better outcomes when they are supported to retain their dignity and have choice and control over the support they receive; a person and community centred approach will be at the heart of service provision.
Care and support will be person and community centred.
Care and support will be coproduced with the Service User with a focus, wherever possible, on meeting outcomes via a combination of community based unpaid support and/or paid support.
To achieve this, the Service Provider must have a workforce that is recruited and trained to meet the understand needs, values and customs of the people they support. The Service Provider will promote and facilitate person-centred teamwork and have in place quality assurance processes that enable Staff to feel confident in focussing on outcomes and ensuring that these happen.

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